EPISODE   31:  goonies  never  say  Die

AFTER DARK is back! Matt, Joe and Spencer recap a chaotic last few weeks that saw the production of Cat on a Hot Tin Roof postponed for a FIFTH time now until the summer of 2022. John Farruggia crashes the podcast from a bubble bath, making outrageous demands. Also, the boys tease an entirely new look and direction of the podcast starting next week but waste no time introducing a brand new segment to the show this week. You see, Matt has a moral conundrum and only Judge Spencer Scott can decide. Is it “Ethical Or Not?!” It's the season premiere of After Dark!


School is in session! This week Matt reads his Masters level thesis paper aloud to the class. It's a psychological breakdown of the character of Brick in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof and Spencer and Joe weigh in on this scholarly deep dive. Also, Spencer stalks OJ's Twitter page and Joe talks about his favorite Anne Bancroft performances. Oh, that snoring you hear in the background? It's our team mascot, Vito. This episode is for the die hard theater fans and Cat on a Hot Tin Roof enthusiasts. It's a two hour extravaganza, live from our new studio in Fort Lee, New Jersey, beginning with Matt's best Vince McMahon impersonation!